We embrace digital innovation

After 25 years of helping people access justice, Justice Connect is working to scale its impact through digital innovation.

Technology offers huge potential to support new ways of working, reach more people and deliver better client services. We’re investing in systems for better services.

In the face of extreme levels of unmet legal need, we need to experiment with new ways to meet unmet legal need at scale. Across the organisation, we’re testing different approaches to incorporating digital strategies into our work, or even to transform our work. Our digital projects range from building systems that help our lawyers work faster and smarter, to building systems that deliver assistance directly to vulnerable people online, or help people people navigate a complex legal system

We’ve raised significant funding for our work. But we’re also investing as an organisation in logging on, so we can better use technology to meet the needs of those we’re trying to reach.



Our Gateway Project

With seed funding from Google in 2017, we started co-designing an end-to-end solution that will help to triage unmet legal need, and then match people with appropriate services or lawyers in our pro bono network.

We’ve now launched our online intake platform, and a revolutionary pro bono portal connecting cases with lawyers across Australia.

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Digital self-help tools

Our digital self-help tools are key to our strategy to increase our impact. We can only help as many people as we can find lawyers to work with them. And there are more people who need help than there are lawyers available. So we’re focused on  translating our legal expertise into interactive products that can help people to meaningfully help themselves.

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Joined-up justice

Assisting the sector to embrace digital, and integrating our digital products into the legal ecosystem is central to our work. We have a vision for a better legal system that puts people who need help at the centre of the system’s design. Finding out what help is available and  connecting with the right service can be easier.

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We’re investing in our digital infrastructure

Justice Connect is investing in a new client and relationship management system. We will be one of the first not-for-profit legal organisations in Australia to invest in a state-of-the-art system. This will help us efficiently provide top quality service to clients, and will help us track, measure and analyse the unmet legal need we encounter.

We’re excited about our digital future. We’re excited about the extra people and organisations we’ll reach, the time we’ll free up for our staff, and the extra hours of pro bono that we’ll unlock to increase the number of people we can help. This way, we’ll ensure we have the capacity to provide intensive, one-on-one support to people when they’re most vulnerable.

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Meet the people we’ve helped

The best way to understand the impact of our work is to listen to our clients.

Mother escapes homelessness and family violence

"When you’re not in the right frame of mind, you let the system beat you."

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Photograph of Justice Connect's Homeless Law client Maggie
Local lollipop lady gets a fair hearing

“Justice Connect were always there with me, every step of the way.”

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