Where to get legal help in Geelong

5 March 2015
Here is a list of legal services that provide people who are low income earners, or experiencing disadvantage, with legal assistance in Geelong

The Geelong Legal Contact List provides a starting point to assist people (both clients and workers) identify which legal services might be able to help with particular legal issues.

Homeless Law has worked with the legal services featured in the Geelong Legal Contact List to put together this simple tool to help navigate the maze of local legal services.
We hope that the Geelong Legal Contact List will assist people to access legal assistance as early as possible, before issues reach crisis point.

*To return to the list from an embedded link, right click in the frame and choose 'back'*

This is only a guide. We can’t guarantee these services will be able to assist. It’s a starting point to getting legal help but each legal service has its own eligibility criteria so you will need to contact them directly.

For more information about our Geelong Legal Needs Analysis, see here.

You can download a copy by clicking below.

PDF iconGeelong Legal Contacts Sheet